What is light cast iron enamel cookware?

What is light cast iron enamel cookware?

Light weight cast iron cookware (or named the Super light cast iron cookware), is made by steel mold,not a sand mold.It is melting iron into liquid at high temprature and die-casting iron liquid forming a cookware molding.

And thus the formation of castings, iron structure is more intensive, the surface is more smooth, late spray more sticky, coating more solid.

In the polishing process, in addition to make casting more smooth, but also to reduce the wall thickness, product weight reduction.

Light weight cast iron cookware wall thickness is usually 2mm-2.5mm (traditional usually 3mm-5mm), reducing the weight of nearly half, heating more quickly.But the bottom is with the same thickness, maintaining the cast iron pot of the original solid durable.

Light weight cast iron cookware can also be sprayed non-stick coating, but the traditional cast iron pot , usually can not apply non-stick coating because of surface problems.

If you love cooking with cast iron but have trouble lifting and carrying the heavy pieces.light cast iron cookware is for you.It is cast iron – but it’s made with a special process that makes it 50% lighter than traditional cast iron cookware. All the great cooking – half the weight!

Advantage of Enamel Light Cast Iron Cookware:

1.Durable finish requires no seasoning and is very easy to clean.

2.Riveted stainless steel handle stays cool.

3.Safe on all cook tops and in the oven to 500 degrees F/190°C.

4.Hand washing is recommended

5.Easier to handle than traditional cast iron.

6.Half the weight of traditional cast iron cookware

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Post time: Nov-18-2019
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