Omelette Pan/Egg Pan,Rectangle Frying Pan Mini Frying Pan Iron Omelette Pan



About this item
●High quality gray cast iron pot
●Net weight: 1.2KG/2.4 lbs 9×7 inch
●Solid wood handle, durable
●Natural non-stick coating for lasting health
●Size: 16.5 x 7 x 1.5 inches The cast iron pot will have a little rust before use. Please
note that these rusting phenomena are normal

Nonstick Omelet Pan Egg Pan
Have it, become a gourmet of life
A popular item to any kitchen, makes cooking a pleasure.
The best choice for omelette lover.
One-piece cast iron process, physical non-stick pan, high temperature resistance
Ergonomically designed wooden handle protect your hands from heat
Apply to gas stove, electric induction, electric furnace and open flame. Works well on all types of stovetops

Post time: Mar-02-2023
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