How to seasoned and maintain Pre-seasoned cast iron cookware ?

Here is seasoned process cast iron cookware Instructions:

1. First, wash the pot with warm water and a brush. After Wash please immediately to seasoned it or easy to rust.

2. Put the cleaned pot on the stove heating and drying,to prepare some of the skin with the fat pork in the pot, transferred into a small fire, and then wipe the pot with fat repeatedly inside the wall,

so that every inch can fully absorb fat , Until the consumption of dry fat can be (about 10-15 minutes)

3. After a while ,with warm water rinse again, and then repeat the above steps to seasoned two to three times. Finally,rinse the pot and dry on the fire, drops two drops of edible oil,

wiped with kitchen paper (skin with the fat pork can be used edible oil instead of )



1. After use ,cleaning it, please immediately placed on the stove heating, burning dry pot of water off then turn off the fire, to prevent long time sticky water, nutrition, rust.

2. Please put it in dry and ventilated place. If long time not use it, please apply a thin layer of vegetable oil on the inner wall of the pot to do anti-rust and anti-oxidation treatment.

3. In order to avoid high temperature burns, when you move or touch the pot must use towels or gloves, etc. for protection.

4. Do not directly cook too cold food.

5. Do not cook acidic fruit, such as hawthorn, crabapple, plum and so on.

6. When cleaning, don’t use detergent, so as not to damage the oil film protective layer. The best way is to use hot water and brush, can also be cleaned very clean.

7. Cast iron pot can use a variety of stoves, induction cooker and other heat sources, but please do not use large fire dry burning.

8. If improper use or maintenance made of rust, with a brush to clean the pot of rust, seasoned it again can be restored as new.

9. The initial cleaning and the use of the process if the black-chip drop, only carbonized vegetable oil layer, does not contain harmful substances, do not care.


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Post time: Nov-14-2019
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