Cast Iron Fondue Set

Cast Iron Fondue Set

Mold No.:XG-607

Size: Inner Dia.16cm,Outer Height 19cm

Material of the Pot and Pedestal: Cast Iron
Material of the Fork(6 pcs): Stainless Steel and Wooden
Material of Alcohol Heater: Stainless Steel

Material of Tray: Carbon Steel

Coating of the Fondue Pot: Enamel
Coating of the Pedestal: Matte Black

This Fondue Set is mostly made by Cast Iron, Coated with Enamel.
Perfect for entertaining and serving delicious Fondue recipes, set allows you to cook Fondue on a stovetop and then beautifully serve it at the table for everyone to enjoy. Cast iron Fondue pot provides even heating and optimal heat retention.


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Post time: Nov-25-2019
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